Workshops & Presentations

Presentations for International, National, and Regional Montessori Conferences

Creating Balance in the Age of Technology (AMS, IMC, VMAT/Hanoi, Vietnam, SMC, KMA, MAT)

Imagine That! Art and Imagination in the Montessori Classroom (MEPI, VMAT/Hanoi, KMA)

Don’t Take it Personally: Supporting children through challenges without losing your cool (IMC, CCTW: Calgary, SMC, KMA, MAT)

Parenting with Presence (Calgary, AB Canada, Parent Conference)

Eat, Play, Read: Parenting for Success (AMS, KMA, MAT)

The Effects of Technology on Childhood Brain Development (AMS)

Understanding how Brain Research Supports Montessori Philosophy (AMS)

Sign Language Everyday (AMS, UMSI)

Music in the Montessori Classroom (AMS)

Homework: The wrong answer (USMI)


Positive Discipline: 9 week course on learning and implementing Positive Discipline at home, for parents. Also available as half-day, or day-long intensives.

The Outdoor Montessori Classroom: This half-day workshop is designed to expand our understanding of what learning is and what learning environments look like. Participants leave with concrete, actionable examples for their classrooms and homes.

Music and Movement: half day overview workshop to support teachers in creating opportunities for music and movement, indoors and out.

Imagine that! One day workshop for teachers. Participants explore the importance of imaginative art, music, and story-telling experiences in Montessori classrooms.

Montessori at Home: This half-day workshop provides an overview of theory and practical examples for parents to see how to modify their existing environments so they get the most out of their child’s Montessori school experience.