Learning never stops. Getting feedback about the challenges that come with guiding children or adults helps leaders see possibilities and find practical solutions.


Consultation is perfect for working on a particular situation for a limited period of time. Packages range from 2 to 5 one-hour sessions. Consultation packages come with a free half-hour initial phone or Zoom call.

$50 for one hour-long session or $200 for five hour-long sessions.

*Ten percent of all earnings will be redistributed to Britt Hawthrone in your name.


Mentoring for teachers happens over a longer period of time so clients can work on achieving long term goals, setting new patterns, or deepening their understanding of Montessori pedagogy or praxis. Mentoring is a relationship and like any relationship, the more one is open to expanding their understanding and stretching themselves, the more they’ll gain. Mentoring packages are once a month for 10 months or twice a month for 10 months. Mentoring packages come with a free one-hour consultation. Teacher mentoring packages of 10 months have a 15% discount if paid on a one-time payment.

Price is a sliding-scale based on income (for example, if the teacher salary is below $20k, sessions are $20/hr).

*Ten percent of all earnings will be redistributed to Britt Hawthrone in your name.

Workshops, trainings, presentations

Jana has 20 years experience in teacher training, workshop, and professional presentations on a variety of topics. Fees vary based on number of participants and on the population your school or training program serves.

Schools serving historically under-resourced populations are encouraged to ask for speaking fee adjustments.

See the “Presentations” page for topics. All engagement fees will include travel expenses if more than 75 miles from Louisville, Kentucky or if an overnight stay is required.

“Jana has taught me so much! I am serving as one of the directors of a Montessori School now and I owe so much of my career to her! She made me truly “understand” the method and I fell in even more in love with the Montessori method after my training. Thank you, Jana, you are a bright star for Montessorians everywhere!”

Emily D.

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